Coldbroo 1-Liter Cold Brew Coffee Maker

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What customers are saying about the Coldbroo...

"I love this thing. I have sworn off Starbucks and only like my own home brewed cold brew coffee now!" - Cindy R, Cary, NC

"I have used the Coldbroo many times now, and it is perfect in every way." - Alan W, Pacifica, CA

"The coffee is full and rich in flavor, and missing the acidic notes we get when drip-brewing or French-pressing the exact same Kona blend. There's a depth to the flavor that's hard to describe..." - Dan W, San Luis Obispo, CA

Product Features:

  • Enjoy More Coffee-Like Coffee - Why doesn't your coffee taste the way ground coffee smells? Hot brewing extracts the wrong flavor compounds from the beans. With cold brewing, your coffee will finally taste the way you always thought it should.
  • Tummy-Friendly Coffee - Hot brewed coffee has a ton of acidity that throws your body off for the entire day. Cold brewed coffee contains only 33% of that acid content. Smile on, tummy!
  • Zero Plastic Parts - Made of borosilicate glass, 18/8 stainless steel, and BPA-free silicone. Won't retain odors or off flavors. Your coffee will always taste just as delicious as the first batch. 
  • Easy-clean Permanent Filter -  You'll never have to buy replacement paper or wool filters like other brands ask you to do. Just dump the used grounds in the trash and wash the filter - you're ready for the next batch of cold brew.
  • Modern Lab-inspired Design - Sleek. Stylish. And fits easily in the fridge with your other daily essentials. 10 inches tall; 3.75 inch diameter base.
  • A Cost Effective Way to Get Your Fix - Each use of your Coldbroo system produces $10 to $15 worth of iced coffee from your local coffee shop. 
  • Not Just For Coffee Lovers - Coldbroo's infusion column and glass carafe are the perfect size for making any beverage infusion. Hot or iced tea... Cucumber-infused water... Chipotle-infused tequila... What will you create?

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